SharpFutures Engage creates content to amplify Social Media & Digital Marketing Channels for TV / Film & events.

We can provide a range of content creation services to support and drive your social media campaign or populate your website.

The business benefits of social media are limitless. But the power and potential of tapping into this fast moving area of communications relies on time and expertise; but in short bursts of capacity. These can be event led or timeline led around a TV series or product launch.


Graphics or platform build (Reminders, countdowns)

Event social Media team 



Video trailer Edits 

Micro-videos (Facebook, Periscope, Instagram, Vine)

Behind the scenes short films & photography 

Cast / Delegate interviews 


From a TV point for view, SharpFutures works with production companies to identify and produce polaroid_engagecontent of huge value to broadcasters in need of assets through which to fuel and drive transmission publicity campaigns. While our team of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube specialists also serve as a social media hit squad for brands and businesses; on hand to support and enhance comms teams at times of increased need, providing a safe pair of hands when it comes to monitoring, engaging and responding to digital dialogue within the parameters of the wider business comms plan.

Despite paid advertising and sponsorship opportunities across social channels growing in sophistication, one truth remains as universal as ever – content is king.

The full power and potential of social media is there for the taking, with SharpFutures on hand to provide a powerful injection of enthusiasm and much needed know-how.