L.A.B – ‘The Creation of two Young Entrepreneurs' was launched on April 13th 2017. L.A.B – ‘The Creation of two Young Entrepreneurs': A short documentary told by two young Manchester based entrepreneurs. We follow their story from brand creation to market launch whilst sharing with them their inspirations and future dreams.... Only on [FRAMED] Created by: Read More
'JB Brown' was launched on March 23rd 2017. JB Brown: Is an honest portrayal of the struggles a young man from Manchester can face when growing up. JB’s story is one of redemption and his hopes for the future through his love of music... Only on [FRAMED] Created by: Millie Buchanan. To see more videos from Read More
'I am a Dancer' was launched on February 16th 2017. I am a Dancer:  Is a documentary about young individuals and their passion for dance in Greater Manchester.. Only on [FRAMED] Created by: Amy Williams To see more videos from [FRAMED], please click here.  Read More
Jac: Life Behind The Lens was launched on February the 2nd 2017. Jac: Life Behind The Lens: explores the personal story of Manchester based photographer Jac Frederick Rudduck, who’s love for the art shaped him into the person he is today. Only on [FRAMED] Created by [FRAMED] filmmaker: Martin McGreal To see more videos from Read More
Northside: Part IV was launched on January 12th 2017. Northside: Part IV: See The final episode of the 'Northside' series , only on [FRAMED] Created by [FRAMED] lead filmmaker: Vanessa Roth Read More
The Old School BBQ Bus was launched on December 15th 2016. The Old School BBQ Bus: See inside 'The Old School BBQ Bus' and meet the man behind the legendary Eccles Cake Burger in this new short film, only on [FRAMED] Read More